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What a Professional Writer Like AcademicEve92 Can Do to Help Students?

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Academic Eve has been a freelance writer and editor for over 25 years. For more than a decade, Eve preferred to work only with personal clients but has spent the bulk of the last few years working predominantly with Custom Papers.

What Services Does Academic Eve Provide?

Academic Eve provides a full range of services, from writing papers to help students study for their courses to editing documents of all sizes to help students improve their writing and grammar.

What Subject Areas Can Academic Eve Provide Assistance?

Academic Eve can provide writing assistance across most academic subject areas. If she is not able to assist with a specific project or topic, she will be honest about that and even recommend another writer or service.

Is the Work that Academic Eve Provides Private?

Yes, Academic Eve does not resell or reuse the work that she provides to clients. All her work is custom created based on the needs of each client. In this way, clients do not have to worry that they are using work created for somebody else, or that the information that they provide will be used to create work for others.

Is Academic Eve a Native English Speaker?

Yes, Academic Eve is a native English speaker.

Does Academic Even Rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

No, Academic Eve does not rely on AI to write for her clients. Work that is written by AI is easily identified because of the way that it sounds. AI cannot write in the human voice. Academic Eve has the knowledge and experience to write for students based on the individual needs of students. This is something that AI cannot achieve.

Why Use Academic Eve Rather than Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Aside from the fact that AI does not sound like the human voice in writing, AI also does not replicate academic writing styles. AI also lacks the ability to cite academic sources accurately and correctly. Helping students with academic writing requires a human.

How Can Students Contact you?

Please follow my profile link above or email me at