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Meet TrueWriter4Life (Sarah), A Freelance Academic Writer and Editor

Services: Writing and Research, Editing, Revising, Paraphrasing, Rewriting

Country: United States United States

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Sarah, better known as TrueWriter4Life, has been a freelance academic writer for almost two decades. While her educational background includes business and psychology, her professional experience is expansive. She welcomes inquires on virtually any topic and subject area. She loves data analyses and complex dissertations.

What Services Do You Provide?

I provide both writing and editing across most academic areas, including English, history, psychology, sociology, and business. I am also able to conduct data analysis and write dissertations.

What Do Your Services Cost?

The cost for the writing and editing services that I provide are based on the actual work that is required. It is impossible to provide a cost for work without seeing the actual work that is required. However, I am happy to review the work that a student needs and provide a quote for the cost for the work.

How Do You Provide Your Services?

After I receive the complete instructions for what a client needs, I read all the instructions to make sure that I understand the project. I ask questions if any of the instructions do not make sense or if more information is needed. Once I understand the work that is required, I provide a quote for the cost of the work via email. Once payment is made, I begin working and complete the work by the deadline that the client indicates.

What is the Benefit of Using Your Services?

I strive to provide the services possible while helping clients better understand the areas in which they may be struggling. The work that I complete is 100% original and is not plagiarized or written by AI in any way. In addition, I understand the major referencing and citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Speaking of AI, Why Are Your Services Better Than Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence bots are not able to write academic work with a high level of quality. AI generally does not write with the same level as a student. In addition, AI bots may not be able to accurately cite sources or may cite sources that do not exist. My work is 100% original, free of plagiarism, correctly and accurately cited, and certainly does not rely on any type of AI.

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