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How it Works / FAQ

How It Works

If you own an online service related to academic writing, editing, research, translation, resume, educational training, tutoring, or homework help, you are in an ideal position to promote it on EssayBrand! The following are three simple steps to help you get started.

1. Go to, create a free account, and fill out the EssayBrand profile associated with your service.

2. Verify your website.

3. Keep your website verified for as long as you want to promote your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

EssayBrand is a simple, yet effective way of promoting your academic writing, editing, research, translation, resume, tutoring, homework help, or online learning service.

Why should I promote my service with EssayBrand?

The simple answer is: "Because your competitors do and it's free! :)" Having your website featured on a leading advertising platform gives your prospective clients an opportunity to learn more about your services and build brand awareness. The times of creating dozens of spammy websites or fly-by-night online businesses are over. Your clients (students) are more educated today than ever before and the only way for your academic research business to survive is to build brand and trust.

What are the non-negotiable requirements that my service has to meet in order to be listed on EssayBrand?

What kind of content may I promote?

We suggest to create credible and original content describing your business and services offered. It may be written in form of a news story, review, interview, editorial, or press release. You are welcome to include your logo, pictures, an embedded Youtube video, a coupon code, and anything else that may serve your clients' interest.

I manage multiple services in the education / online learning field. May I have more than one service included?

You may only associate one website with a single account, but your coworkers may sign up for a new account to manage more services as needed.

What happens if my website is down during the periodical verification process?

Our system will try to scan your website more than once; if it's still unsuccessful, your listing will change the status from "Public" to "Disabled." You will be able to verify it manually at any time by clicking on the "VERIFY {Your_Website}" button.

Can I temporarily hide my listing?

You can always change the visibility of your listing between "Public" and "Hidden." When it's "Hidden," no one except for you can view the content.

In addition to the published article, will my service be promoted on social media?

Yes, your article will be promoted on our Twitter page at:

What is your privacy policy?

We do not share your contact information, we will never send you any spam, and we will not use any tracking technologies other than a regular web cookie.

How can I contact you?

You may email us at info [at] or connect with us on Twitter!